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Russian Championship 2023 Pokrovskoe
Russian Championship 2023 The Russian championship 2023 was won by Alexander Georgiev. He scored 13 points in 8 games, 3 more than number two Alexander Getmanski and number three Sergey Belosheev. For the complete results see Toernooibase. One of the highlights of the tournament was the game between Georgiev and Gulyaev.
Roel Boomstra quits his professional career 2022
boomstra In the end of 2022 the draughts world was shocked by the early retirement of World Champion Roel Boomstra. In a statement Boomstra announced that he will now focus on a career as software tester. Take a look at an analysis of the interesting game Chizhov-Boomstra from the Confederation Cup 2011 in Albena, Bulgaria.
A rare classical position 2022
shchegolev Currently a world cup tournament is taking place in Julinek, Poland. In the fourth round Kees Thijssen won against fellow grandmaster Martijn van IJzendoorn in a late classical position. In 1995 former world champion Vyacheslav Shchegolev won in exactly the same position against Frolov. Take a look at an analysis of this instructive and rare classical position.
Tactics 2022
Tactics A very attractive feature of draughts is its rich potential for tactical possibilities. On the pages below you can view series of tactical puzzles taken from actual games. For those who do not want to solve the puzzles themselves there is a light bulb button available for viewing the solution, and an autoplay button to replay the solution automatically. Take a look at tactics part 1, tactics part 2 or tactics part 3.
Chaos around the world title match 2022 (part 2)
FMJD It's now half a year later, and the chaos around the world title match has only become bigger. In January a match has been played between world champion Alexander Shvartsman and Roel Boomstra, but this match is considered illegal by the Draughts Federation of Russia. Read more about the events that have taken place since the world championship in Tallinn.
Chaos around the world title match 2022 (part 1)
FMJD After the recent world championship in Tallinn a chaotic situation has emerged concerning who owns the rights to challenge world champion Alexander Shvartsman. Let's make an attempt to summarize the events that caused this situation.