A practical combination idea

On Toernooibase Gerrit Boom shows five examples of a very nice and practical combination idea. It has all the ingredients of becoming a standard combination. Interestingly, in none of the five examples the combination was discovered by the players. Who is / will be the first to apply this idea in practice?

Janes de Vries - Sander Neutel 0-2 (2023)

On Toernooibase Andy Damen noted this very recent occurrence of the same combination. White missed 33.35-30 24x44 34.33x24 44x22 35.24-20 15x24 36.32-28 22x33 37.38x7 W+

Moreover, Ronald Schalley mentioned that in 2007 he was the trainer of Janes de Vries, and at the time he made Janes aware of the missed combination in the fourth diagram. Unfortunately, 16 years later Janes seems to have forgotten about the combination.

Gerrit Boom showed that the combination can easily occur at different locations on the board.

diagram 1

White wins using 26-21 17x26 34-29 23x43 32x23 43x21 23-19 14x23 31-27 21x32 37x6 W+

diagram 2

White wins using 24-19 13x24 26-21 17x37 28x17 37x19 17-11 6x17 29-23 19x28 33x4 W+