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Contact information
Contact information
This website is maintained by Wieger Wesselink, an international master in draughts. You can e-mail me at wieger@10x10.org.
Viewing the game analysis
Viewing the game analysis

To view the pages containing a game analysis, a modern web browser is required, and JavaScript must be enabled. For the diagrams a modified version of Stefan Haack's cm-chessboard component is being used.

Viewing an analysis on a PC

Use the Ctrl + plus and Ctrl + minus keyboard combinations to scale the page. To navigate through an analysis, click on any move or diagram and then use the arrow keys. The left and right arrow can be used to move forward or backward through the analysis, while the up and down arrow are used to scroll up or down.

Viewing an analysis on a mobile device

On a mobile device, it is most effective to press the autoplay button. Even while in autoplay mode, you can still navigate through the analysis by clicking on a move or a diagram. During autoplay, the speed can be adjusted by pressing the buttons with a plus or minus symbol. The analysis will automatically scroll up, in order to make sure that the current move is visible.

Reloading an analysis

After new features have been added, it may sometimes be necessary to refresh a web page containing an analysis in order to properly view it. Usually this can be done as follows:
  • Windows/Linux PCs: Press Ctrl + R or F5
  • MacOS PCs: Press Command + R
  • Android devices: Tap the three-dot menu icon and select the round arrow symbol
Sometimes a hard refresh of the page is needed. See the page How to hard refresh your browser for more information.
Website security
Website security
The site 10x10.org does not use trackers and is free from advertisements. There are no connections with social media, no analytics software is being used, and no cookies are being stored on your device.