Archive 2018

Abidjan Open 2018
Abidjan Open 2018 The World Cup tournament in Abidjan was won by Thomy Lucien Mbongo from Cameroon. See Toernooibase for the final standings. Take a look at the spectacular game between Groenendijk and Yoan, and the important victory of Mbongo against Dudkiewicz.
Dutch Championship 2018 Harlingen
Dutch Championship 2018 Harlingen The Dutch championship was won by Alexander Baliakin. Together with Boomstra and Van IJzendoorn he ended the tournament with 16 points in 11 games. Van IJzendoorn was excluded from a barrage due to the controversial "plus draw" system. In the barrage against Boomstra, Baliakin managed to win the second game. Many interesting games were being played, see also Toernooibase. One of the highlights of the tournament was the game between Van IJzendoorn and Slump.