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World Championship 2013 in Ufa final
Ufa 2013 After a nerve wrecking last round in the preliminaries, 12 players had qualified for the final of the World Championship 2013. Alexander Georgiev won the tournament with 15 points, followed by Jean-Marc Ndjofang with 14 and Roel Boomstra, also with 14. Due to the number of victories Ndjofang earned the right to challenge Georgiev in a match for the world title in 2014. See also Ivan Trofimov's website for an extensive report about the tournament. Below some comments to the games can be found.
World Championship 2013 in Ufa preliminaries
Ufa 2013 The World Championship 2013 was played in Ufa. The preliminary round consisted of four groups of ten, of which the first three qualified for the finals. Several prominent players like Baliakin, Valneris, Meurs and Amrillaew didn't make it, while the newcomers Ano, Atse and Ivanov qualified convincingly. Below some comments to the games can be found.
World Championship Match 2013 in Tallinn
Tallinn 2013 The long awaited World Championship Match was played in Tallinn, Estonia. Title defender Alexander Georgiev and challenger Alexander Schwarzman played seven mini matches consisting of a game with normal time controls, if needed followed by a rapid game and one or more blitz games. After 3 days Schwarzman had a comfortable lead, but Georgiev made a come back on days 4 and 6. With a 7-7 score in the normal games and a 6-4 win in the rapid games, Alexander Georgiev retained his title.