Archive 2003

Dutch Championship 2003
Amsterdam was the host of the dutch championships 2003. I happened to be a witness of the very interesting game between Clerc and Jansen. The final standings:
  1. K. Thijssen 13-23
  2. R. Heusdens 13-21
  3. G. Jansen 13-20
Tsjizjow - Georgiev 2003
In March and April the match for the world championship between title defender Tsjizjow and challenger Georgiev took place in Izhevsk and Ufa. Georgiev won by 4 sets to 1. Take a look at a few annotations of the games in the first set.
Buggy - Samb 2003
Buggy - Samb 2003
From 10 - 16 March a rematch took place between the computer program Buggy and GMI Ndiaga Samb in Cannes. It was an overwhelming succes for the computer: Buggy won in two sets with 4-2 and 5-1.
Draguignan 2003
At 8 and 9 March 2003 the yearly rapid tournament in Draguignan took place. The final standings:
  1. W. Wesselink 5-8
  2. A. Baljakin 5-8
  3. S. Keita 5-7