Archive 2021

Russian Championship 2021
Ivan Trofimov The Russian championship 2021 was won by Ivan Trofimov. He scored 12 points in 9 games, just like Alexander Getmanski, Alexander Georgiev and Alexander Shvartsman. But his coefficients were slightly better than the others. Take a look at some highlights of the games.
Brunssum Open 2021
Brunssum Open 2021 The Brunssum Open tournament 2021 was won by Hein Meijer. He scored 15 points in 9 games, two more than Jean-Marc Ndjofang, Machiel Weistra and Christian Niami. Take a look at the crucial victory of Meijer against Weistra in the sixth round.
Belarus Championship 2021
Belarus The Championship of Belarus 2021 was won by the young Heorhi Vydzerka, 3 points ahead of Uladzislau Valjuk, and 5 points ahead of the grandmasters Sergej Nosevitch and Alexander Bulatov. Take a look at some highlights of the games.