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World Championship 2017 Tallinn
World Championship 2017 Tallinn Alexander Shvartsman has won the final of the world championship 2017 with 14 points in 11 games, right before Chizhov and Valneris both with 13 points. After 9 rounds it was Valneris who was still in the lead. But with two victories in the last two rounds Shvartsman managed to make a decisive jump and grab the world title. Take a look at some highlights of the final.
World Championship 2017 Tallinn semifinals
World Championship Tallinn The world championship 2017 is held in Tallinn, Estonia. Take a look at some highlights of the semi finals.
Dutch Team Cup 2017
Roel Boomstra The Dutch Team Cup 2017 was won by Hijken. The final against Witte van Moort ended in 4-4. On the first board, Boomstra of team Hijken won against Aalberts, while on the third board Mol won against Scholma. Due to the result on the first board, the cup went to Hijken. Take a look at the decisive game Boomstra - Aalberts.